City Hotels

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Inter-continental Hotel Yokohama

What’s City Hotel?

A city hotel is a big-scale facility located on busy streets. International brands like Hilton and Sheraton are categorized as city hote in Japan.

Larger in scale than Japanese business hotels, city hotels are that offer banquet rooms and function rooms used for wedding receptions, dinner shows, lecture meetings, and stockholder’s meeting. Some of these hotels have boutiques, beauty parlors, flower-shops, gift-shops and other tenants.

The hotels offer several dining choices: Café-restaurant with reasonable prices, lounges, bars, exquisite western-style restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants with traditional ‘kaiseki’ multi-course meals, and sushi bars. Some hotels have relaxation facilities-such as pools, sports gyms, and spas.

Most of guest rooms are twin rooms generally, but some city hotels close to the terminal stations also offer more single rooms than usual. The charges at city hotels are higher than those of business hotels.