Leisure Hotels (Japanese Love Hotels)

Leisure Hotels (Japanese Love Hotels)

The outside of typical leisure hotel

Differences in staying and charges system

Leisure hotels are designed for dating couples and visitors under eighteen years old cannot use. 

There are many differences in using leisure hotels from other hotels. First, most leisure hotels set charges only for an overnight stay and for a couple of hours’ rest. 

Overnight-stay rates become available only after 10:00 p.m. and check out time is next day’s noon, or in some cases, 15:00 p.m. The charging systems vary depending on how to you use the facility. For resting, hourly extra charges are added to basic price at some leisure hotels, others offer the same charges regardless of how long guests take rests.

 Charges’ rate is also ranging from reasonable ones-1,000 yen per an hours’ rest and 5,000 yen per night stay-to expensive ones-more than 30,000 per night stay. Weekend and holiday charges are typically higher than those of weekday ones. 

Using leisure hotels’ room by more than two people are occasionally prohibited, or the required to pay extra charges. Some leisure hotels cannot be used by two males. 

Love-hotel sign. "REST" is 2-3 hours stay, "STAY" is an overnight stay.

How to use the accomodations

Entrances are discreet, but their buildings oddly glow at night. Many leisure hotels set curtain at the entrance of parking area and have a lit panel, showing the charges. It is best for you to check on the location on the Internet beforehand.

Leisure hotel’s lobby is quite unique. When you enter into the hotel, you will find a line of information panels that shows the interior of each room. The lit rooms on the panels are vacant. Pushing the button beside the panel of room you like will allow to complete your booking. Privacy is ensured by a rather anonymous method of payments-either a front desk employee who sits behind a privacy screen or at a payment machine installed in the room. 

Room-choosing panel. The room fee varies, depending on the size of the room and facilities.


Bathroom, double beds, sofas, and TV sets are common offerings in any leisure hotels. Enjoying TV programs-mostly movies-are free. Each room comes with a refrigerator and thermos. Room services are available with reasonable price. Occasionally, a welcome-drink and light meals are provided to guests. 

Other typical facilities in leisure hotels are karaoke, video games, sauna baths, massage

chairs. At some of leisure hotels customers can rent costumes for cosplay and select toiletries from among several brands.

High-end leisure hotels often feature decorated bathrooms offering such enjoyments as mist saunas, jet baths, bedrock baths, and open-air baths. 

Example of the interior of the room