What is “Chin

Chin” is a Japanese dog with a long history as a pet. Currently it is called the “Japanese Chin”, but it is believed that this dog's ancestors came to Japan by a migrant from China or Korea. They have a long history as being pets, and although they have individual personality's, they are very friendly to humans. Due to their short muzzle, they are not great at intense exercise, but they are still very active and love to play.

Characteristics of Chin

· Short Muzzle

Chin” have small heads and short muzzles. Compared with larger headed dogs, it is harder for them to breathe and therefore more difficult for them to lower their body temperature, so you need to be careful about heat.

- Petite body

Chin have an average body size (length from the chest to the tip of the buttock) and body height (height from the ground to their back) is an average of about 25 cm for males, though they are small, the body is well balanced.

· Beautiful straight hair

A Chin's hair is strait and narrow, They have distinct long and thin decorative hair on their ears, neck, thighs and tail.

Places to find a Chin

Since most of these dogs are kept at home as pets, there are unfortunately few opportunities to see them in the dog petting area of a zoo. If you really want to see a Chin, the best way is to ask a breeders for a visit.