Shikoku Dog

About Shikoku Dog

Shikoku dog is a kind of Japanese dog that is found in mountains of Shikoku district. Originally named Tosa dog, now it is called Shikoku dog to distinguish it from Tosashi (Shikoku dogs that were bred to fight)

Characteristics of Shikoku Dogs

· Fur that is similar to a wolf

Shikoku dogs are regarded to be the ancestors of wild dogs which lived in mountainous areas of the highlands and had a brown wolf-like grayish colored fur.

· Shikoku Dog as a hunter's partner

Because this dog has a history of being raised as a hound dog, it's tracking ability is high. Its best that the get to walk more than an hour twice a day, and get plenty of exercise. · Strong loyalty

These dogs often have a high degree of loyalty to their owner. However, in some cases they will shut out anyone but their owner.

Place find a Shikoku dog

Shikoku dogs are less kept as pets than Shiba Inu, so they can rarely be seen in town. The Japanese dog preservation society conducts the exhibitions of Nippon Dogs (it is like a contest) throughout Japan, there is a high probability that a Shikoku dog will also participate. If you visit this event you can likely speak to the owner of Shikoku Dog. The exhibition is held four times a year, and the schedule of the venue etc. is posted on the website.