Local currency & exchange

Local currency & exchange

10,000 Japanese Yen bill

Japanese currency

The unit of currency in Japan is YEN. There are four types of notes / bills - 10,000yen, 5,000yen, 2,000yen, and 1,000yen. The 2,000yen notes are rare and not seen as often. There are six types of coins – 500yen, 100yen, 50yen, 10yen, 5yen and 1yen. All coins excluding the 5yen have the numeric value indicated, making it easy to identify. 

Coins on the left, coins / bills on the right 

Currency Exchange

Currency can be exchanged at banks, currency exchange offices, post offices, etc in Japan. It’s convenient to exchange at the airport since there is no big difference in handling fees. The benefits of exchanging currency within your own country or Japan depends on the type of currency so remember to do some research on exchange rates within your country.


There is no limit to the amount and type of currency you can bring in and out of Japan. However any amount equal or greater than a million yen must be declared at customs.  Payments by currency other than Japanese yen are not accepted in general.

It’s rare to be declined for small change at shops. Some vending machines and car parks do not accept notes / bills other than 1,000yen or 5 and 1yen coins. We recommend you have a few 1,000yen notes / bills and 100yen coins ready for use.