Basic information Telephone and Internet

Basic information Telephone and Internet

Domestic and international calls in Japan 

Making a phone call in Japan is no different in other countries. When calling from a landline, just dial the number you plan to call. To make international calls using landlines or prepaid phones, the number to dial depends in the telephone company of either KDDI or NTT.  

How to make international calls by carrier

Public pay phone / Landlines 001-010 + Country code + Phone number 0033-010 + Country code + Phone number
Prepaid cell  / mobile phones 010+ Country Code + Area code + Phone number 0033-010 + Country code + Phone number

Ways to call from cell phones, public phones and pre-paid phones

Most people prefer to use their own cell phone when travelling abroad including Japan. International roaming is possible however can be quite expensive. Renting a SIM card from Softbank at the airport is economical. Handsets must be SIM unlocked and compatible with a Japanese phone mobile network, typically 3G WCDMA 2100MHz. 

Other ways to call are to use public phones and pre-paid phones. Public phones accept phone cards, 10 or 100yen coins and connect for the amount of credit put into the phone. Call costs are around 10yen per 57.5seconds. Public phones in Japan have decreased in number over the years and nowadays are hard to find. Pre-paid handsets can be purchased and contracted at mobile phone shops in Japan. Pre-paid cards can be purchased through mobile phone shops and convenient stores. You can start using your phone by registering the number on the pre-paid cards.  Due to past criminal abuse of prepaid phones, Japanese law are strict on identity verification and may not allow purchase by foreigners.

Wi-Fi in Japan

Free Wi-Fi is not readily available in Japan. Public Wi-Fi access points are found at restaurants, hotels and on transport, however require specific phone app or pre-registration and some even charge a fee. The Wi-Fi zones across the cities are nearly always a subscription service. Hotels with Wi-Fi usually provide the service for free to in-house guests. 

Free Wi-Fi spot :