Time difference, water, voltage

Time difference, water, voltage

Time difference between Japan and countries around the world

Difference in time between Japan and major cities around the world are listed below.

 Japan is UTC (GMT) +9, with no time difference to South Korea and Eastern Indonesia. 

Japan does not have Summer time (day light saving). 

Check the time difference with your country when visiting Japan. 

Country City

Time difference with Japan (hours) 

America Hawaii -19
Ls Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas -17
Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake City -16
Chicago, Houston, Dullas, New Orleans -15
New York, Boston, Atlanta, Miami -14
Canada Vancouver -17
Banff, Calgary -16
Winnigpeg -15
Toronto, Ottawa -14
Quebec, Montreal -14
Mexico   -15
Brazil   -12
China   -1
Korea   ±0
India   -3.5
Indonesia Jakarta -2
Bali -1
Vietnam   -2
Thailand   -2
Australia Sydney, Melbourne 1
Cairns, Brisbane, Gold Coast 1
Ayers Rock 0.5
Adelaide 0.5
Perth -1
United Kingdom   -9
Italy   -8
Spain   -8
Germany   -8
France   -8
Portugal   -8
Russia Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi -5
Khabarovsk, Vladivostok 2

Map of the world representing Japan Standard Time and coordinated Universal Time

Tap water

Its safe to drink tap water in Japan. Tap water may taste slightly different, depending on the location you drink it from, as the amount of chlorine used to treat water varies by region.

If you prefer not to drink tap water, bottled water or mineral water is sold at around 100~160 yen per bottle by vending machines and at convenient stores. 

Japanese Tap water is safe to drink

Electricity (Voltage), TV and DVD systems

The voltage throughout Japan is 100 volts, A.C. There are 2 kinds of frequencies, 50Hz in eastern Japan and 60Hz in western Japan. A transformer may be required to convert the voltage if wanting to use electrical products made overseas (not to Japanese specifications). Plugs are either A-type or B-type. 

Type A and Type B plugs and consents

In addition, TV system of Japan is NTSC, DVD region code is 2. 

DVD’s from overseas may not be able to be played on Japanese DVD players.