Parks in Japan

Parks in Japan © 伊那市観光協会


Types of parks

There are various types of parks in Japan. Parks in cities serve places of rest and relaxation with trees and flowers planted as well as having refreshing fountains. Some of them have playgrounds for children with equipments like jungle gyms and slides. National parks and quasi-national parks are nature parks set aside for the purpose of preservation of natural landscapes. Urban parks sometimes include public squares or historical sites, zoos and botanical gardens. ‘Kokyo gaien’ or the outer gardens of the Imperial Palace and the Shinjuku Imperial Gardens are included in a group of citizen parks.

Disaster prevention parks, peace parks and memorial parks have been constructed for special purposes, including national objectives.

Enjoying parks

It is good to take a walk and sunbathe, or appreciate flowers for relaxation at a park. You can also see how ordinary Japanese people enjoy their free time with their families as well as couples strolling in the park.

Famous parks in Japan

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park (Hiroshima prefecture)

This park was constructed for the reflection of the WW Ⅱ and wish for the peaceful world . Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is located at southern part of this park. The admission fee to the museum is 50 yen for an adult, 30 yen for a high school student, and free of charge for a student of junior high school and younger. Entrance fee for the park is free.

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Takato-Joshi-Koen (Nagano prefecture)

This park is constructed on the site of Takato-Castle and is famous for its Takato-Joshi-Koen Cherry Blossom Festival. Entrance fee is free except for the time of blossom viewing when an entrance fee of 500 yen for an adult and 250 yen for a student of junior high school and of elementary school is charged.

"Memorial Cenotaph for the A-Bomb Victims" stands in the park cowardlion /

A guide of Takato-Joshi-Koen :

Expo ’70 Commemorative Park (Osaka prefecture)

This park was built on the site of the Japan World Exposition of 1970. The park features places that you can enjoy the nature along with cultural, sports, leisure facilities. Here you can see a famous work of art of Okamoto Taro, "the Tower of the Sun." Entrance fees and admission fees are required for each facility.。

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