Home Appliances

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Inside a typical electronic store

How to buy home appliances in Japan?

To purchase home appliances, it is best go to electronic retail stores. There are many large chain operations and you can find their outlets anywhere in Japan. These stores offer various products, including TVs, PCs, games, air conditioning, mobile phones, kitchen appliances, and beauty appliances. At these stores, you can have a look at or try out the device you are interested in or ask the staff to explain the product to you. 

System of electronic retail stores; point reward cards and discounts 

Many of these stores offer point reward cards (like mileage cards). With this system customer will be given points according to the price of the products. The customer can use accumulated points when he/she buys a product on their next visit. The point reward card will be issued quickly without any cumbersome procedures.

These stores stress their prices are lower than others and even though their prices a little high, you can get a discount from a clerk though negotiation. Also older models of products can be sold at a deeply discount in clearance sales. 

Inside a typical electronic store, a customer who is looking at a product—a store clerk explains it and encourages its purchase. Tooykrub / Shutterstock.com

Buying home appliances over the Internet

Until recently, home appliances were typically bought at electronic stores, but recently more people are buying from Amazon. Some of reasons to do so would be that you don’t have to bother to go to a store, that Amazon’s prices are cheaper, and that they deliver the item to where you are staying. If you are traveling Japan and want to buy a home appliance though Amazon, the front desk of your hotel can receive the item for you if you specify the hotel as the delivery address. Alternatively, you can also receive it at a nearby convenience store if you choose delivery to a convenience store on your Amazon Japan order.