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Gifu is a region in southwestern Gifu prefecture.   It includes the cities of Gifu, Motosu, Yamagata, and Ogaki and the county of Ibi.  Ogaki is located in approximately the geographical center of the Japanese archipelago.  

Ukai Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara-gawa River is a summer tradition in Gifu. Ukai boasts a history of more than 1300 years and is held from mid-May to November every year. Mt Kinka-zan and illumination of Gifu-jo Castle make fantastic scenery. In the spring, the Cherry blossoms along the Shinsakai River (Hyakujuro Sakura) are in full bloom. Other than that, the Gifu area also has Yoro Park home of artist Arakawa Shusaku's work Site of Reversible Destiny and the Sekigahara Battlefield, a very important place in Japanese history.

You can get around this area by train, bus, or car.  The Tokaido Main line and the Yoro line are the most convenient railway lines.  From major cities, you can take trains or buses to Gifu Station in the center of the region.  From Tokyo, take the Tokaido bullet train to Nagoya and change to the Tokaido Main line.  It takes about 2 hours.  

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