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Gujo Hachiman is an area located in the central part of Gifu Prefecture. It includes Seki City, Mino City, and others. The region is famous for a dance called ‘Gujo Odori’ which has been performed since the Edo Period (1603-1868). Every year in August a large-scale festival is held where the Gujo Odori is performed through the night. 

For sightseeing spots, you can visit the Seki Blacksmith Oral History Museum which has exhibits related to Japanese swords and other bladed objects, Gujo Hachiman-jo Castle which overlooks the whole city, the Food Replica Workshop Sample Kobo which has realistic food replicas, and the popular Otaki Limestone Cave which can be accessed by a wooden cable car.

For traveling through the area, the most convenient method is the Nagaragawa Railway Etsumi-Nan Line. However, to reach spots that are far away from a train station, you will want to use a car. From each major city in Japan you can take the Shinkansen to Gifu Station; from Gifu Station travel to Mino-ota Station via the Takayama Main Line, and at Mino-ota Station switch to the Nagaragawa Railway.

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