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Nagoya is an area located in the northwestern part of Aichi Prefecture. Along with Aichi Prefecture’s central city of Nagoya, this region also includes Seto City, Nagukute City, and Inuyama City. This area has a unique food culture commonly referred to as “Nagoya-meshi.” Nagoya-meshi includes miso cutlets made with red miso, udon cooked with miso, and cafés in this region offer an early-morning service called ‘Morning’ where you order a drink that also comes with breakfast.

As for sightseeing locations, Nagoya has many historical buildings including Nagoya Castle which has an impressive golden ‘shachihoko’ decoration fixed atop its castle roof, and Inuyama Castle which has Japan’s oldest existing wooden castle roof. Also, the Toyota Motor Corporation’s head office is located in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture; you can see various cars exhibited in the Toyota Automobile Museum. If you are visiting during autumn we recommend you visit Jakko-in Temple which has beautiful fall foliage.

For traveling through the area, public transportation such as trains is recommended. To reach Nagoya from the major cities in Japan, you can use the Shinkansen or an airplane. Nagoya is located approximately between Tokyo and Osaka, so by Shinkansen from Tokyo it is about a 1 hour and 40 minute trip. From Osaka you can get to Nagoya in about an hour. The nearest airport is the Chubu International Airport, it takes about a 40 minute train ride to get from the airport to Nagoya.

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