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What is Tokugawa Art Museum

The Tokugawa Art Museum is a private museum in Nagoya’s Higashi city within Tokugawa Park. It opened in 1935 in its current location which was the Owari Tokugawa branch’s villa. Along with Ookurashokokan Museum and Fujii Saiseikai Yurikan Museum, it is a pioneer of private museums in Japan. Centered around the relics of Tokugawa Ieyasu, tools of the feudal lord are on exhibition, in particular, those of ninth son, Tokugawa Yoshinao, forefather of the Owari Tokugawa branch and leader. The collection includes 9 national treasures, 59 important cultural properties, 46 important artistic properties and is a total of 10,000 pieces. These include, furnishings, swords, table tools, armor, relics of Ieyasu, wedding furniture, tea utensils, calligraphy tools and a wide variety of other tools. In addition, there are collections from Tokugawa shogunate, Hitotsubashi Tokugawa branch, and Hachisukashi. There are collections donated by Nagoya merchant Okaya family, Oowaki family, and Takamatsu family. It is also famous for housing the "Tale of Genji Picture Scrolls", a national treasure. In order to preserve the originals, they are only on display for a short period of time each year. The permanent exhibition building has a Japanese-style roof called "Teikanyoushiki" and Japanese-style exterior, with a western-style interior. It has been registered as a tangible cultural property in Japan. In the permanent exhibition room is an area that recreates part of the Nagoya Castle based on historical research. Using the exhibition space and works of art, the area allows visitors to experience the traditional beauty of Japan in two ways, "configuration beauty" and "assortment of beauty".

Experience Traditional Culture

Walking through the entrance over cobblestones, the park and museum harmonize providing a spacious and relaxing atmosphere. The charm of Tokugawa Art Museum is that it provides a traditional feel, presenting traditional Japanese culture, yet, it is a state of the art facility. Though many private museums in Japan feature collections from businesses and large companies, the Tokugawa Art Museum exhibits tools that have been handed down through the generations of feudal lords. The pieces are also very well preserved. The current collection features historical items owned and used by feudal lords and have been recognized as valuable historical items. In 2004, the adjacent Japanese garden "Tokugawa-en" and Owari Tokugawa literary collection "Nagoyashi Hosabunko Library" reopened. The Tokugawa Art Museum and Nagoya Hosabunko Library provide a place to learn about the history and culture of samurai culture.


By public transportation: At Nagoya Station, take the city bus from Gate 2 towards "Hikarigaoka" or "Itakashako". Get off at the "Tokugawaenshindeki" stop (20 minute ride). The Tokugawa Art Museum is a 3 minute walk from the bus stop. Alternately, from the Meitetsu Bus Center’s Gate 4 on the 3rd floor, take the bus toward "Sangenya". Get off at the "Tokugawaenshindeki" stop (20 minute ride). The museum is a 3 minute walk from the bus stop. Visitors can also use "Meguru" Sightseeing Bus which stops at various tourist spots. The busses from Nagoya Station depart every half-hour to one hour on weekdays, and every 20 to 30 minutes on weekends and holidays.

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