Kanda-ke House

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Kanda-ke House

The Kanda-ke house is a stately old-fashioned house with 160 years of history behind it that was used in the sericulture and brewing industries. It is commonly said to be a late Edo period (1603~1868) building that used traditional ridgepole designs from the time, but due to its later construction it blends the conventional designs of the time with more modern ones from that era. It is a Gassho style roof that is placed on the main part of the house, and if the roof is shaken during a typhoon or strong wind, the shaking does not transmit to the house, allowing the house to last longer.

The Kanda family house is located in the same district as the Wada house which has been designated as important cultural property.

The attractions at this site, in addition to the main building’s 4 stories, there is also the water god, a mortar hut, and a hasagura.

Please be aware that from December to February, the house is closed on Wednesdays. On days where the house is lit up at night, it is open until 19:30.

The main house

The first floor has a reception hall called "Oe" with a living room and a parlor, which had been used for agriculture. Here you will find a wall-mounted phone that the Kanda family actually used, as well as the bridal kimono of one of the fourth-generation Kanda brides, and many American goods such as an antique clock that was the first of its type in the Shirakawa Village. There is a hearth by which you can warm yourself even now. There is also homemade wild grass tea that is boiled on the hearth in an iron kettle.

On the second floor is where unmarried men and employees slept, there is a small window called Himimado. Gassho-style houses are very weak to fire and so fire had to be handled very carefully, and so they could check on the state of the hearth on the first floor from here.

The 2nd-3rd floors are primarily sericulture workshops that are now set up as exhibition halls. There are various brewing tools from the time set up here. On the second floor there are also guides and information to show you the history of the house and the Kanda family.

On the fourth floor is a storeroom where you can gaze out over the village from a small window. The top floor is very small and can only hold about 3 people.

The water god

In the old days the Kanda family ancestors settled in this land rich with spring water, and it is said that they received counsel from a water god that they should live in this land without contaminating the spring water. This god is personified as a white snake which stands by the bedside, and there is a statue built as a testament to this.

Mortar hut

There is a hut where rice and millet were purified; you can hear the sound of the water wheel when you pass near it.

Hasagura warehouse

This is an important building for drying rice. Firewood for the hearth was also dried here and preserved.


Get off at the JR Takayama Station (高山駅) and take the Nohi bus to the Shirakawa-go (Oro) bus stop (白川郷 (小呂)) and then walk 10 minutes from the bus stop.

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Sights Kanda-ke House (神田家)
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