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Tateyama is the central to southeast area in Toyama Prefecture.  It is known for having the Tateyama mountain range and Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.

Tateyama features a wealth of destinations rich in nature such as Murodo-daira Mikurigaike Onsen Hot Spring and Shomyo Falls.  A popular activity is trekking the 3000m class mountain region in the area.

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is closed from mid-November to mid-April so make sure to check before visiting.  In addition, snow still remains in the spring (April through June) and waterproof shoes and various measures must be taken when trekking in the spring.

To view the snow, going to Valley of Snow is recommended.  From April through June, it is possible to view the wall of snow created during the winter.  The heavy snowfall of Tateyama is famous worldwide and may reach heights of 20 meters when there is a lot of snow.  It is unusual to be able to see snow and cherry blossoms in bloom at the same time but can be viewed here.

Tateyama has a long span horizontally and depending on where you want to go, it may be easier to access the area from Toyama Prefecture or from Nagano Prefecture.  To access Kurobe Dam or Tateyama Ropeway by public transportation, it is better make use of the bus from Nagano Prefecture.  Destinations such as the Valley of Snow can only be accessed by car or bus.  It may be easier to reach the destination by making a reservation with a tour company.

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