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Toyama/ Takaoka is a region located in central Toyama prefecture.  It includes the cities of Toyama, Imizu, Takaoka, and Himi.

Popular sightseeing spots are Toyama Castle Park, where the historic Toyama castle remains, and the Matsukawa River Cruise where you can see the Matsukawa, which was protected by Toyama castle. In spring, we can enjoy cherry blossom viewing on the side of the river. In addition, we can enjoy walking through the old warehouses in Historical Landscape of Yamacho-suji and in Historical Landscape of Kanaya-machi, the home of the Takaoka Foundry, which has been chosen as traditional Japanese craft.

There is Himi Fishing Port in Himi so you must try the fresh seafood caught daily.  Buri (yellowtail), in season from winter, is a specialty product representing Toyama prefecture.

You can get around this area by car or conventional railway.  Please use the Himi line, the Ainokaze Toyama railway, or the Hokuriku bullet train.  From major cities, use the bullet train or airplane.  From Haneda Airport in Tokyo, it takes about 1 hour to fly to Toyama Airport.  From Tokyo Station to Toyama Station, it takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes by Hokuriku bullet train.  

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