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Mt. Daisen was Japan’s third national park established in 1936. Following this, in 1963 the Hiruzen region, Oki, Shimane Peninsule, Mt. Sanbe, were all added to the park, and it is currently part of Daisen Oki National Park. Due to the precious flora and fauna here it has been designated as a national forest preservation area, and it is one of the most famous mountains in Japan.

It is the highest mountain in the Chugoku area, due to volcanic activity there are steep cliffs formed on the southern and northern walls, and the western face is a gentle slope. Seen from the nearby town the foot of the mountain, it is called "Hokuheki" and exhibits a masculine mountain shape. From the northwest side it exhibits a beautiful form that is called "Hoki Fuki", an old nickname from the region.

Mt. Daisen was famous in ancient times for the amount of religious sites it had, and there are a number of remaining historic sites and shrines such as Ogamiyama Jinja’s back shrine, and the Daisen-ji Amida. There are sports and leisure facilities for activities such as skiing in winter, as well as inns for people interested in staying here. There are accommodations available for both people traveling alone and in groups, and you can enjoy a variety of tourist attractions depending on your interests.

Another attractive point is that it is an easily accessible region.


From JR Yonago Station (米子駅) you can take a bus there for about a 1 hour trip, or from Daisenguchi Station (大山口駅) the bus is about 30 minutes. From Hiroshima or Osaka it is about 1 hour by car. 

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Sights Mt.Daisen (大山)
Address Daisen, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori
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