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About Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography

Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography collected more than 15000 personal donation works from well-known photographer Shoji Ueda (27th March, 1913-4th July, 2000) and used as permanent exhibition. He often uses his hometown "San-in" natural view as background which moved lots of people all over the world. Dune hill series using Tottori dune hill as the background can still give the audience a refreshing feeling. The unique photographic style of him is well-known all over the world and people from overseas also call that style as Uedo-cho.

On the second floor of the Museum there is World’s biggest Camera lens weighing 625 kg (Glass only weighs about 245 kg) and length 73.22cm. Which been described as gigantic camera lens used by Obscurant. Because of this gigantic lens, Ueda shoji favorite Daisan is showed upside down in the exhibition room in real time. You can experience the mysterious feeling inside the exhibition room as the whole room had become a huge camera. 

The museum is designed by a famous architect Takamatsu Shin who had won numerous awards. The building is located at Ueda’s hometown Hokicho near Minato, Tottori Prefecture, surrounded by nature of San-in which had been highly rated as one of the art work. Another must see spot here is the upside down Taishan view which had been called as Hokifuji through the sit-shaped gap of the building.          


Motorway Yonago IC would be the closest interchange.

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