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Let's enjoy Japanese food at the Japanese family restaurant!

Let's enjoy Japanese food at the Japanese family restaurant!

Genpei. Fresh seafoods, Sushi, Sashimi, Robatayaki, and Tempura restaurant.

When you travel abroad, it is natural you want to try local food. Be it a food stall, a restaurant or a treat at someone’s home, food undoubtedly becomes one of the charms of your trip. There are so-called "family restaurants" which help you to relax at the places you don’t know the language.

One of the charming points of family-style restaurants is that they have an ample menu. Family-style restaurant is about both young and elderly getting together at one table and choosing meals from the same menu. Although there are restaurants that specialize in only one cuisine, such as Chinese or Italian, there are others that provide menus of different kinds and also have a kids’ menu.

In Japan, most family restaurants specialize on Japanese food. For example, Ohashidokoro Genpei restaurant that has 33 restaurants in Kansai provide Japanese food, such as sushi and robatayaki. Here you can try sushi, robatayaki, yakitori, seafood and tempura at reasonable prices. You should visit here if you want to learn what kind of meals exist in Japan and which one you like. Even if you don’t speak the language, you still will be able to order because the menu has pictures. They also serve Japanese alcohol and you can enjoy a little of it. Also, be sure to try non-alcohol cocktails often served in Japanese izakaya.

A platter of Kiwami-gochisou sushi, hand-pressed nigari-zushi at the reasonable price

Friendly Corporation, a company that owns "Ohashidokoro Genpei" has 86 restaurants in Kansai region. In 1954, the first sushi restaurant was opened and then Western restaurants followed. This was a period when restaurants flourished in downtow; in contrast to that, "family-style restaurant" model was established along the major highways, where the whole family could go by car. In this sense, Kansai region was a trailblazer because the first "family-style restaurants" were established here.

The list of restaurants by Friendly Corporation.

源ぺい Genpei:Fresh local seafood, sushi, sashimi, robatayaki, tempura

フレンドリー Friendly:Western style restaurant

つくしんぼう Tsukushinbo:Japanese style izakaya

ボンズ Bonds:Japanese restaurant

なじみ野 Najimi-no:Izakaya with a focus on tempura and sashimi

香の川製麺 Ka no Kawa-seimen:Sanuki udon in a cauldron

It is convenient to go to suburb restaurants by car. We also recommend taking a break at family restaurants during the drive towards tourist spots.

There are various kinds of Japanese food. Of course, one always wants to try as much food as possible. For people who think something like "I want to try various Japanese foods at reasonable prices" or "I want to be able to find the menu I like", family-style restaurants are the best deal. Please enjoy Japanese family-style restaurants.

Let's enjoy Japanese food at the Japanese family restaurant!: Image Gallery

Let's enjoy Japanese food at the Japanese family restaurant!: Video Gallery



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Family-style restaurants and izakaya in Kansai region.
Family-style restaurant “Friendly”, “Fresh Friendly”, “Bonds”, Tsukushinbo, Genpei, Ka-no-Kawasei-men, Najimi-no etc.