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Iwate Snow Festival

Iwate Snow Festival

Iwate Snow Festival

Iwate Snow Festival is an event that started in 1968, and the Koiwai Farm’s snowy field is turned into a winter festival. The number of visitors and the size of the event has been growing every year.  Usually there are about 30 million visitors every year, and it has become the leading winter festival in the Tohoku region. Iwate Prefecture, as well as the whole Tohoku region, gets a large number of visitors from overseas.

Various snow sculptures and attractions

The Koiwai Farm is located in Shizukuishi-cho, Iwate Prefecture, and with the help of the Ground Self-Defense Force, local government, and general businesses, there are over 10 different kinds of snow sculptures lined up at the many Kamakura winter festivals. The Kamakura festival is an event that is held in order to worship the god of water, and dome-shaped snow huts are built in order to pay respect. There are also such things as a gigantic slide and snow stage, and you can actually touch the snow and play with it. Other attractions include a horse-drawn sled that you can ride on, and a rubber dinghy that is pulled by a snowmobile.

A variety of events

In the evening the snow sculptures lit up, and in the afternoon you can savour a different magical atmosphere. Another popular exhibition are the fireworks that colour the winter night sky every day. Other than that, there are traditional performances for the public, a character show, and also events such as a sledding championship that take place.

Enjoy the local food stalls

At the venue there are food stalls that serve a variety of food, and you can eat specialty cuisine that is native to the Tohoku region such as hamburgers and croquettes that were developed for the purpose of revitalizing the town. Also, you can have a rare experience at the Kamakura festival by eating grilled sheep which is called “Genghis Khan”. There is also a wine cellar and beer brewery in the area where you can enjoy drinking the products that were made there.

Please come to the “Iwate Snow Festival” and have a fun-filled time “Sight-seeing”, “Enjoying yourself”, and “Eating” while here. We’ll be waiting for you.

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