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Turn memories into stickers

Turn memories into stickers

What is a Photo Sticker Machine?

One turn at a photo sticker machine costs approximately 400 yen. The machine will take 4 to 8 different posed photos and turn them into stickers (as show above). Photo sticker machines are mainly located in arcades (game centers) and sometimes in large department stores.

The photo sticker machines are shaped like square boxes and the photo booth portion is separated by a curtain. The photo booth is equipped with lighting, camera and a touch panel screen which lets you choose various image settings. One turn in the photo sticker machines takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. There is also a decoration function that allows you to print messages on the stickers, which makes it a great idea as gifts.

How to use the photo sticker machine

After inserting money into the coin slot, use the touch panel screen to select background colors, designs and frames which will be used on your sticker. There is a time limit in selecting these options, however, the machine will automatically select backgrounds for you if you run out of time.

After the photos are taken, choose the photos that you would like printed and exit the photo booth. Next, proceed to the decoration booth attached to the same machine.

Next, wait for the stickers to be printed, and you are done!

Your eyes get bigger just by taking a photo!?

The photo sticker machines are equipped with a function with allows you to edit your photos as if you were wearing makeup, even if you weren’t.

Take a photo in costume

Some stores offer a service where you can change into costume and make a photo sticker. Maid outfits and sailor outfits were available at the arcade where we went. If there is a costume you would like to try, please tell the store clerk and use the specified dressing room. Though costume rentals were only available for women, there was a separate dressing room for men as well. According to the store clerk, men can bring their own costumes to take photo stickers.

Please note that arcades with dressing rooms sometimes have gender separate photo sticker machine areas. If you are unsure of the store or arcade rules, please be sure to ask a store clerk!

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