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Tokyo Activity ~Arigato Japan Food Tour~

Tokyo Activity ~Arigato Japan Food Tour~ © yoojin

Tokyo is said to be the city whose restaurants have received more Michelin stars than those in any other city in the world.  Tokyo is a highly competitive gourmet capital, with top level world class restaurants serving not only Japanese cuisine such as sushi, tempura, and kaiseki multi-course meals, but also French, Italian and Chinese.

Enjoying first-class, internationally recognized food is one of the real pleasures of traveling but going to the shops where the locals go is often a highlight of visiting foreign countries, too.   This time, we will introduce Arigato Japan Food Tours, which allows you to easily walk around and eat at local restaurants in Tokyo.

Please see the video below.

It is said that there are more than 80,000 restaurants in Tokyo so the restaurants that appear in guide books are only a small fraction. In Arigato Japan Food Tours, you will walk around and eat at restaurants frequented by locals. This time we will introduce an eating tour of Shinjuku, one of the most popular areas in Tokyo.


The first place you will visit in the tour is Omoide Yokocho, an area at Shinjuku Station’s Nishiguchi (west exit), a narrow place lined with many small restaurants and bars. 

It is said that this Yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) shop has been in business here for more than 60 years.  Inside, there are only about 10 seats and sitting at the counter, you can see the food prepared before your eyes.  Here we will have today’s first “kanpai” (toast).


For the next shop, we will pass by the neon signs lighting up Kabuki-cho.  At night, Kabuki-cho is always full of people.  Squeezing past the people as we cut through, we come to the robot themed restaurant popular with foreigners visiting Japan.  This is not included in our tour so if you are interested please visit it at another opportunity. 

After 5 minutes’ walk, the place we arrive at is an izakaya (Japanese style bar) where the popular cooking is made with ingredients from Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu.  An izakaya is a restaurant where you can enjoy many kinds of food easily and in winter, nabe ryori (hot pot) is especially recommended.  You don’t have to worry because the staff will patiently teach you how to eat it.  Part of the menu changes with the season so whenever you go you can enjoy food that is in season. This is today’s second “kanpai.”

Finally, the last place we will visit on our tour is in Golden Gai, one of the deepest parts of Shinjuku.  A place where the eaves of the many small restaurants and bars are connected, it is like Omoide Yokocho, the first place we stopped, but Golden Gai is an area where there are many bars with strong personalities.  Recently more foreign tourists have come to visit and the number of shops that can handle other languages has increased.  Here we will have out last “kanpai” and end the tour.  

What do you think? We especially recommend Arigato Japan Food Tours for people who don’t know where to eat, want to try going to a variety of shops, and want to enjoy walking around the city. Please check their website for more details about the tour and how to make reservations.

The night is long in Shinjuku and even though our tour is over, most bars and restaurants are still open so we recommend going to a shop that has caught your interest and having your fourth “kanpai.”

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