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Tokyo Activity ~BetterSpace~

Tokyo Activity ~BetterSpace~ © N. Nomura

Have you already decided your Tokyo sightseeing plans?  In Tokyo, where a wide variety of attractions such as shopping, eating, cultural experience and theme parks, are packed, there are not many people who say “I don’t know what to do.”

However, for people thinking “I want to try a special experience in Tokyo,” we strongly recommend a tour over Tokyo by helicopter provided by BetterSpace Co., Ltd. This time, we will introduce “Tokyo Tour,” a 15 minute visit to the sky above Tokyo.

Please see the video here.

Looking from the sky, you can see various expressions that you cannot see by just walking in the city.  For example, the area around Tokyo Bay where a helicopter arrives and departs seems to be a "water city" floating in the sea.

In addition, although we usually associate Tokyo with skyscrapers, looking from the sky there is only one part tightly packed with skyscrapers and relatively low-rise buildings and houses are densely clustered in most of the areas.

Although you can see places like Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, and Tokyo Disneyland from above, of those, the highlight is certainly Tokyo Sky Tree.  Surrounded by densely packed low rise buildings, the figure extending straight up toward the sky is a masterpiece.  Helicopter is really the only possible spot from which to look down on Tokyo Sky Tree.  You can see various expressions, such as with the sunset rising in the back, depending on the time of day.

Additionally, if you tell the pilot the spots you are interested in beforehand, they will be pointed out to you from the sky.  Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible for you to go especially close. Also, to enjoy the helicopter sightseeing even more, it is recommended that you actually go to the places you noticed from up in the sky.  Please ask the pilot when you find a place you are interested in.  

All though the helicopter tour is held throughout the year, it is especially recommended in cherry blossom and autumn leaves seasons since you can enjoy a completely different view than from the ground.  Of course you can have an extraordinary experience at other times of the year too.  

In addition to the tour of Tokyo, BetterSpace Co., Ltd. also offers “Mt. Fuji Tour,” which goes close to Mt. Fuji, “Yokohama Night Tour,” which allows you to enjoy the night view of Yokohama, and many other tours so if you are interested, please check the web site.

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