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Kayaking at Oki Island

Kayaking at Oki Island

Never-ending amazement! Reach this Geopark on a kayak.

Oki is an island archipelago in the Sea of Japan, and a part of Shimane Prefecture. Its total length is 40-80 km and it includes Dozen Island, Nishinoshima Island, Nakanoshima Island, Chiburijima Island, and Dogo Island. 180 islands are uninhabited. These remote islands with their rich culture and history are designated as a National Geopark.

The status of a National Geopark is different from the “World Heritage” status because unlike “World Heritage” sites which are supposed to be preserved and untouched, National Geoparks are meant for further development. There are 6 Geoparks in Japan including Shimabara Peninsula (Nagasaki Prefecture) and Itoigawa (Niigata Prefecture). The Oki Islands Geopark is one of them, and it obtained this status in 2013.

The Oki Islands were separated from the mainland about 10-26 million years ago. Around 5.5 million years ago it became a volcanic island and 10,000 years ago it became a solitary island. The island is full of precious nature that survived the long history of the island and the changes of the ecological system.

Rowing the paddles of a kayak allow you to experience the beautiful nature and dynamics of Oki. Relaxing activities that can be done on the sea such as fishing, diving, and kayaking are abundant on Oki.

From April to October you can see the islands from the sea while rowing through the waves. You can also take a kayak tour on Kuniga Coast. You can traverse the transparent sea, and row around a 300 m tall cliff.

There are many beautiful rocks and caves such as Matengai(魔天蓋), Onigashiro(鬼ガ城), Otohimegoten(乙姫御殿), and Tsutenkyo(通天橋). The view of these cliffs is breathtaking.

Spirit of Adventure! Cruise around Nishinoshima Island in a Pleasure Boat

The island of Nishinoshima was formed around 5.3-6.3 million years ago from volcanic rocks. It has been declared a National Park, and its main point of interest is the Kuniga Coast which stretches for 10 km and consists of sea cliffs and caves. There are multiple rocks that were formed by sea erosion such as Kameshima(亀島), Meotojima(夫婦島), Kabuto-iwa(かぶと岩), Tenjokai(天上界), Zobigan(象鼻岩), Kannon-iwa(観音岩) etc.

You can enjoy two pleasure boat rides along the Kuniga Coast and East Kuniga Coast. The most interesting part is the cave cruise. There are three caves on the Kuniga coast, and the most amazing of them being “Akekure no Iwaya” cave.

The length of this natural cave is approximately 250 m. The rocks inside look yellow from the light of the boats. The ceiling is 3-4 meters high, and therefore boats can pass whereas ships cannot. Depending on the weather it may be possible to enter “Akekure no Iwaya”, only you need to bend down low to enter.

“Club Noah Oki” on Nishinoshima Island offers a “Cave experience tour” and “Sunset kayak tour” on the Sea of Japan. The time required for both tours is 2 hours. There is a guide on each tour, so everyone is welcome to apply.

"Club Noah Oki"
Address: 3078-12 Mita, Nishinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane
Phone: 08514-6-0825 (For Reservations)
Cave Experience tour: 4500 yen (2 hours)
Sunset kayak tour: 5500 yen (approx. 2 hours 30 minutes)
The tour’s schedule is subject to change depending on wind and waves.

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