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Recommended cherry blossoms viewing spots in Tokyo

Recommended cherry blossoms viewing spots in Tokyo © N.Nomura

It’s getting warmer and warmer these days in Tokyo. It was surprising that the air-conditioner was turned on in the train yesterday. I cannot believe that I was wearing a overcoat just last week!

In this column, I will introduce some of the best places for cherry blossoms viewing in Tokyo. Although some of the flowers are starting to fall, you may get a chance to see it if you are in Tokyo now.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Park

Shinjuku Gyoen National Park is a great place to leisurely enjoy cherry blossoms. Although it is located in the center of Tokyo, its vast premises let you relaxed and make you forget that you are in the middle of the big city. On fine days, many people bring their own lunch and enjoy having a picnic. Please note that alcohol is prohibited inside of the park.

Most of the walking path in the park is flat, which make it accessible to wheelchairs or strollers.

Fee : 200 yen for adult, 50 yen for elementary or junior high school students
Duration : 2 hours
Access : Just outside the exit of Shinjuku Gyoen station of Toei Shinjuku line

Ueno Park and Yanaka Cemetery

Ueno Park is perhaps the most known place for cherry blossoms viewing, or Hanami, in Tokyo. You can feel the festival-like excitement of the people enjoying Hanami here. There are many food stands in the park during the cherry blossoms season, so you can always join Hanami if you like! 

If you are more of a quiet type, you might want to try Yanaka Cemetery, which is about a twenty-minute walk from Ueno Park

Yanaka Cemetery is one of the municipal cemetery run by Tokyo. During this season, you will see magnificent view of cherry trees on the both sides of the main passage making a cherry blossoms tunnel. You may find it strange to go to the cemetery during a trip, but here you can experience not only the great flowers but also the ordinary days of the people living in Tokyo.

Fee : free
Duration : 2 hours
Access : Nearest station from Ueno Park is JR Ueno station. Nearest station from Yanaka Cemetery is JR Nippori station. It takes about twenty minutes to walk from Ueno Park to Yanaka Cemetery.

Cherry blossoms along the Sumida River

Riverside of the Sumida River has been a famous cherry blossoms viewing site since the Edo period. It is just a 5-minute walking distance from people’s favorite Sensoji in Asakusa!

There are parks and walking path along the river, and during the cherry blossoms season, there will be some food stands selling snacks and drinks. What makes viewing cherry blossoms here in the riverside of the Sumida River is so special is that you can see Tokyo Skytree standing on the pink carpet of cherry blossoms!

Fee : free
Duration : 30 minutes ~
Access : Nearest station is Asakusa station of Marunouchi line or Ginza line of Tokyo Metro. About five-minute walk from the station.

Tokyo Midtown

During the cherry blossoms season, the cherry trees in the Midtown garden near Tokyo Midtown will be illuminated by the lights. The pink flowers stand out against the buildings of Roppongi. You can also enjoy these illumination from the terrace seats of the restaurant in Tokyo Midtown.

Fee : free
Duration : 30 minutes ~
Access : Exit 8 of Roppongi station of Toei Oedo line is directly connected to Tokyo Midtown

Enjoy cherry blossoms in Tokyo

Places that I have recommended in this column is expected to be crowded on the weekends. So I recommend you to go there on weekdays if you can. Cherry blossoms in Tokyo fully blooms from the end of March until mid April. Tokyo is one of the earliest places for cherry blossoms, so if you have missed it, please refer to the previous column.

Please check the related article for each places.

Japan Hoppers編集部 ユジン / Yoojin

Japan Hoppers編集部 ユジン / Yoojin

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