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Japanese bridges selected by Japan Hoppers【Shikoku, Kyushu area】

Japanese bridges selected by Japan Hoppers【Shikoku, Kyushu area】 © Iry

In this article, we picked up “Bridges” from many Sightseeing spot appeared on Japan Hoppers in Shikoku and Kyushu area. If you are interested in Japanese architectures, check this out!


[Iya] Kazura-Bridge in Iyadani

The Kazura-Bridge in Iya is a suspension bridge which mainly consist of weaved Hardy kiwis and it is rebuilt every 3 years. It sounds thrilling, right? The bridge is built over Iya-river and surrounded by plentiful nature. You can enjoy the bridge throughout the year such as wisteria flowers in spring, fresh green in summer, red and yellow leaves in fall and snowscape in winter.

[Shimanto] Iwamachinka Bridge

Iwamachinka-Bridge is build over Shimanto river and it is designed to go under the water when the river swells. There are 47 bridges like this bridge built over the Shimanto river and they structures a landscape of Shimanto river. You can only enjoy refreshments and exhilaration on this bridge, because there is no parapets on this type of bridges.

[Shimanto] Sadachinka Bridge

Sadachinka Bridge is the nearest bridge to the mouth of river of 47 bridges which are same type as this bridge built over the Shimanto river. The unique point of this bridge is that bridge pipers are painted blue. You can enjoy the integrated view of bridge and nature. Shimanto river is famous for cycling course and Shimanto City Tourism Association rents the bicycles for tourists. You will be able to see the beautiful view from the tourism association to Sadachinka Bridge by bicycle.

[Naruto] Onaruto Bridge

Onaruto Bridge is a suspension bridge which connects Hyougo and Tokushima. There is a promenade called “ Uzunomichi” and you can spot the whirling waves of Naruto from an observation room. If you look down on glass floor of the observation room, you will hear the roaring sounds of whirling waves. There are 4 more places where you can rest on the bridge.


[Imabari, Shimanami Sea route] Kurushima-Kaikyo Bridge

Kurushima-kaikyo bridge is a bridge which connects Hiroshima and Ehime. From the bridge, you will see the whirling waves of Kurushima strait and islands of Seto Inland Sea. You will be able to see night view of the bridge which is lit up in evening.


[Hita, Takeda] Kokonoe “Yume” Otsurihashi

Kokonoe “Yume” Otsuhashi is the highest suspension bridge in Japan. You can see Shindou waterfall which is selected as one of the Japan’s top 100 waterfalls from the bridge. You can also see the beautiful view of yellow and red leaves in Fall. You have to be careful about wether, because the bridge might be closed for safety if it is bad .


[Nagasaki] Megane Bridge

Megane bridge is a two-arched stone bridge built over Nakashima river in Nagasaki. This bridge is famous as the first arch bridge made of stone in Japan. There are about 20 stones which look like “ hearts” in embankments along the river. It is said that more you find, more you’ll find love.You can enjoy many other bridges built over the Nakashima river such as Uoichi bridge which was used to carry fresh fishes from Nagasaki port and Amigasa bridge which is used by Samurais to go to a red-light district hiding their face with Amigasas which is traditional hat that Japanese used to wear.


[Nago, Onnason] Kouriohashi

Kouriohashi is a bridge which connects Okinawa main land and Kouri island. It is built over sea which colour is emerald green and its length is about 2,000m. At the end of the bridge on Kouri island, there is a beautiful beach and you will see the wonderful view of the bridge and the beach.

[Miyako island]

Irabuohashi is a bridge which connects Miyako island and Irabu island. Its length is 3,540m and it is the longest bridge you can cross for free in Japan. It took 9 years to construct this bridge and it opened in January 2015. On a sunny day, you can enjoy the drive with blue skies and sea which colour is emerald green.


Kurimaohashi is a bridge which connects Miyako island and Kurima island. You may only see the clear emerald green coloured sea on this bridge. Its length is 1,690m and it is second longest bridge in Okinawa.


It is a bridge that connects Miyako island and Ikema island. From the bridge you will see vivid emerald green coloured sea. It only have one driving lane and you can not park on the bridge, so you would be better cross by walking to enjoy the view. In Ikema island, there are small stores, restaurants and a sightseeing tower which you can see the bridge.

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