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Haneda Shrine, Protecting Haneda Airport: Shrine of the Month

Haneda Shrine, Protecting Haneda Airport: Shrine of the Month

“Shrine of the Month” is a project to make more people understand the attraction of shrines and was started by a recognized journalist who loves shrines. From protective charms to shrines associated with famous people from history, once a month for the next half year, various shrines from regions around the country will be introduced.

To all the readers overseas, please try to experience Japanese gods through this project.

Shrine of the Month Profile

Name : Haneda Shrine(
Enshrined Deity: Susano Omikoto, Inada Himeno Mikoto
Benefits: Flight Safety, Safe Travel, Recovery from Illness, Marriage, Easy Childbirth, and so on

Haneda Shrine is the Ujigamisama of Haneda Airport

Do you all know the word “Ujigamisama”?

Ujigamisama” was originally the word for the gods and ancestors and so on who protect families of the same surname (family name) but now it is also used to mean the god who protects the land. At Haneda Shrine, it is the “Ujigamisama” which protects the area around Haneda Airport. Actually, the area where the international terminal of Haneda Airport is located is also included in the area protected by Haneda Shrine, and during the festival held in the year when the International Terminal opened, Haneda Shrine’s omikoshi (portable shrine) was carried around through the airport.

Japanese airline companies worship and cabin crew participate in the festival as volunteers

Also, Haneda Shrine has a deep relationship with Japanese airline companies and when there are summer festivals, cabin crew members from JAL (Japan Airlines) and ANA (All Nippon Airways) participate as volunteers. Every year in February on Setsubun each company’s cabin crew members hand out commuter pass cases, cell phone charms and other original goods with beans and people come from near and far in order to try to get goods that are not usually available. Additionally, after ANA’s morning flights on January 1st, it is an annual event for people associated with the company president to come to the shrine with New Year prayers. You can see how deeply it is revered by the airline companies.

(※)Setsubun is an event for warding off evil in February at the mid-point of the winter season. Customarily, people throw beans and say “Demons out! Luck in!” and eat one bean for each year of their age.

Protective charm unique to Haneda Shrine

The major charms to bring on a trip are travel safety charms and transportation safety charms but at Haneda Shrine, popular with airline companies, there are “flight safety charms.” Because these pray for safety when traveling or moving by airplane, the charm’s design is an airplane. According to the shrine, before, they made large design charms but they prepared smaller ones so cabin crew members could easily take them along on flights.

It can be said that Haneda Shrine is a community based shine which is indispensable to Haneda. To people who ride many airplanes, people working in the travel industry, and anyone interested, please go see it by all means. The nearest station to the shrine is “Otorii” Station, three stops from Haneda Airport International Terminal Station on the Keikyu line. The Shrine is about a five minute walk from the station.

Instead of climbing Mt. Fuji, how about climbing “Fujizuka?”

On the grounds there is “Fujizuka,” a reproduction of Mt. Fuji. This was built by people who believe in Mt. Fuji as a god for people who cannot go to climb Mt. Fuji and they are distributed in various places mainly in the Kanto region. The Fujizuka at Haneda Shrine was made in the first year of the Meiji period and it is about as tall as the roof of a two story house but because a “mountain path” is maintained, you can climb up to the top. At Haneda Shrine, you can also have the unique experience of easily visiting Mt. Fuji.

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