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Go from Narita Airport to the center of the city in 36 minutes! Enjoy smooth Tokyo sightseeing with the Skyliner.

Go from Narita Airport to the center of the city in 36 minutes! Enjoy smooth Tokyo sightseeing with the Skyliner. © yoojin

Once you’ve arrived in Japan at Narita Airport and are heading to Tokyo, you’d like to have a comfortable and efficient means of transportation, right? In this special feature, we will introduce the Skyliner which provides convenient access from Narita airport to the center of the city. I also tried riding it myself.

Why is the Skyliner fast?

It takes 36 minutes from Narita Airport terminal 2 building to Nippori Station and 41 minutes to Keisei Ueno station, and the Skyliner’s greatest feature is its speed. This speed is realized in the following two ways.

(1) Short travel distance

The Skyliner’s stops, such as Ueno, Nippori, etc., are in Northern Tokyo, which is not far from Narita. This means that the distance from Narita is actually shorter than the distance from Shinagawa Station or Shinjuku Station.

(2) Speedy

The Skyliner reaches speeds of 160km / hour. This is almost as fast as Japan's Shinkansen. What makes this speed possible is the practically straight layout of the tracks.

I tried the Skyliner from Narita Airport to Keisei Ueno station!

We started our coverage from Narita Airport station. I went down one floor from the arrival lobby to Basement level 1F, where I got on the Keisei line.

Tickets can be purchased at the airport, but if you have a non-Japanese foreign passport, please purchase in advance online. You can purchase in advance at: ( You get a better deal if you buy in advance.

The SKYLINER & KEISEI INFORMATION CENTER is packed with delightful services for travelers, including ticket sales as well as sightseeing information along the railroad tracks, travel insurance, travel goods, PCs that you can use for free, and more.

Departing for Keisei Ueno on the Skyliner!

Inside the passenger car I noticed the cleanliness and functional design. The ceiling was high and it was very bright and spacious.

As we left Narita Airport building 2, the speed was exactly as we described above. The only stops along the way are Nippori and Keisei Ueno Station. There is no need to worry of missing your stop in Nippori. Even if you did miss it, the two stations are only 4 minutes apart, so it would be easy to turn around.

Arrival in Keisei Ueno!

After riding it for myself, I would say the Skyliner's main strengths are its speed and that you won’t get lost while riding it. If you booked a hotel in Ueno or Nippori, you could have an even smoother sightseeing experience. I would definitely like to see sightseers consider the Skyliner as an option for traveling from the airport.

Use Keisei Electric Railway to conveniently explore and go sightseeing in Tokyo

In a related article, we introduced wonderful city sightseeing spots along the Keisei Electric Railway other than Ueno and Nippori etc. that are still easily accessible through a simple train transfer. If you would like to know more about Tokyo sightseeing using the Keisei Electric Railway, please check it out!

Text and Photo by Yoojin Lee

Access method using the Keisei Electric Railway, NaritaTokyo

Below are 3 ways to access the downtown area from Narita Airport via Keisei Electric Railway in addition to the Skyliner. Please refer to the table below for rates and travel times. ※ The fee is for one adult, when paying in cash

  Price Time Features
(Airport Second Building Station ➾ Nippori Station)
2,470yen 36min If speed is important for you, use the Skyliner.
Narita Sky Access Express Line
(Narita Airport Station ➾ Nihonbashi Station)
1,330yen 59min Directly connected to the Keikyu line, useful for going to Asakusa, Nihonbashi, and toward Haneda Airport.
Keisei Main Line
(Narita Airport Station ➾ Keisei Ueno Station)
1,030yen 70min This is the cheapest option, you can access it for less than half the cost of the Skyliner.

Convenient tickets that you can purchase together with a Skyliner ticket!

1. Skyliner+Tokyo Subway Ticket

Recommended for those who are going sightseeing using the subway in Tokyo after riding the Skyliner. Of course you can access Ueno, but it is also convenient for accessing areas om Tokyo such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Ginza, Asakusa, Ikebukuro, Nihonbashi, and more!

2. Skyliner + Luggage delivery from the airport to the hotel

Ticket with luggage delivery service. If you leave your luggage at the airport, it will be delivered to the designated place during the same day.

Go from Narita Airport to the center of the city in 36 minutes! Enjoy smooth Tokyo sightseeing with the Skyliner.: Video Gallery

京成電鉄株式会社 / Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

京成電鉄株式会社 / Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Keisei Electric Railway is an electric railway company established in 1868, connecting Tokyo, Chiba and Ibaraki. It operates a number of convenient routes for domestic travel such as the Skyliner, connecting the heart of the city and Narita airport, and the Keisei Main Line which provides total coverage of the region!