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Heading to a ‘shitamachi’ full of warmth to look for Tora-san, and a fascinating tavern too ~Shibamata / Tateishi via Keisei Line~

Heading to a ‘shitamachi’ full of warmth to look for Tora-san, and a fascinating tavern too ~Shibamata / Tateishi via Keisei Line~ © yoojin

Keisei Electric Railway connects the northeastern part of Tokyo with Chiba Prefecture. This includes the Skyliner connecting Narita Airport and center of the city, and the Keisei Main line etc. which runs through the unique areas such as "shitamachi" which are nostalgic towns in Eastern Tokyo. This time we are introducing editor-selected recommended spots around Shibamata Station / Keisei-Tateishi Station. (Suggestions are ranked by number of ☺ marks) With streets unchanged since the Showa period, Tateishi is known as a "sacred place for those who love to drink" in Tokyo. There is also Shibamata, the location for the filming of "Otoko wa Tsurai yo" (“It’s Tough Being a Man”), an undeniably powerful and heartfelt Japanese drama. A deep Tokyo that you have never seen before awaits!

Shibamata Station

- Shibamata Station · Tora-san and a sakura statue ☺☺☺

Upon exiting the ticket gate at Shibamata Station, there is a statue of Tora-san (the main character of Otoko wa Tsurai yo) trying to leave Shibamata. No matter when you come, this statue is crowded with "Otoko wa tsurai yo" fans, and you’re sure to feel just how popular Tora-san really is.

Behind Tora-san is his younger sister Sakura who came to see him off.

- Shibamata Taishakuten Temple and the road leading up to it ☺☺☺

Taishakuten Temple is a temple in Shibamata. Most of the buildings were built in the Meiji era, and the decorative sculpture inside the temple is famous.


Address 7-10-3, Shibamata, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, 125-0052

On the temple road, there is a Japanese dumpling store called "TORAYA" which was used as the location for Tora-san's home, and as a fan I found myself looking for Tora-san.

Address 7-7-5, Shibamata, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, 125-0052

- Tora-san Museum ☺☺

There is a museum where they have the actual set used in the shooting of the show, various props, and Shibamata-related exhibits, so you can immerse yourself in the world of the “Otoko wa Tsurai yo” series.


There is also the former station attendant’s room of Shibamata Station on display. Valuable tools actually used on the Keisei Electric Railway are exhibited.



Address 6-22-19, Shibamata, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, 125-0052

- Katsushika Yamamoto-Tei ☺☺

Katsushika Yamamoto-tei is the former home of Yamamoto Einosuke, who was the founder of G.K. Yamamoto Kojo, a camera parts factory.

This Japanese garden is said to have been selected as third place from more than 900 eligible gardens in the 2016 Japanese Garden Ranking as published by "Sukiya Living Magazine / The Journal of Japanese Gardening".

Address 7-19-32, Shibamata, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, 125-0052

Keisei Tateishi Station

- Planetarium theater Gingaza ☺☺☺

Gingaza—A planetarium inside a temple.

About 20 years ago, Shoganji Temple, which dates back to the 1600s, opened this planetarium. Representative Mr. Kasuga says that many of the people that come to the temple with the goal of "listening to the story of the Buddha inside of a temple" perceive it merely as a sequence of rituals, and thus they do not listen to the teachings which are the most important part. Aware of this issue, he decided that it was necessary to free people’s hearts from the "ritual" in order to make them listen to the teachings, and it seems he thought of the planetarium as the perfect space to relax and listen .

There is even foreign language notation of stars for travelers! Reservations are necessary for the planetarium, so please check the website for details.

Address 7-11-30, Tateishi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, 124-0012

- Tateishi Nakamise Shopping Street – Nonbe Street (“Drunkard Street”) ☺☺☺

There are many taverns (Izakaya) that are cheap and have been long loved by locals of the area. Recently they are called “nonbe no seichi", the holy land for those who love to drink.

I headed to Edokko, a popular shop where the line starts forming at 17:00.

There I met some regulars who, after a lively chat, told me about the unspoken rules of Edokko regulars.

Rule #1: Don’t ask personal questions.
Rule #2: Don’t drink more than your daily drinking allowance
Rule #3: Only 4 Edokko Highball (Shochu with soda) per person.

An Edokko Highball is a famous drink made with shochu, seltzer water and lemon. The reason you can only order 4 is, if you drink more than that, you'll get so drunk you can't stand. (lol)

Address 7-1-9, Tateishi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, 124-0012
Business hours from 16: 00-21: 00 (last order 20: 30)
TEL 03-3694-9593
Close Closed on Sundays (If Monday is a holiday, it will be closed until the following Tuesday instead)

Let's enjoy sightseeing on the Keisei Electric Railway!

What did you think of the recommended spots for Shibamata and Tateishi? There are still plenty of other unique areas on Keisei Electric Railway Line, so please check our related articles!

Text and Photo by Yoojin Lee

Use a "Shitamati Biyori Pass” to conveniently tour the area

“Shitamati Biyori Pass" is a ticket that provides unlimited one-day travel on the Keisei Line in the Tokyo area for just 500 yen (1 adult). In addition to Ueno and Nippori, this includes the Tokyo Skytree at Oshiage Station and the popular Shibamata Station, so this pass is highly recommended for touring.

Heading to a ‘shitamachi’ full of warmth to look for Tora-san, and a fascinating tavern too ~Shibamata / Tateishi via Keisei Line~: Video Gallery

京成電鉄株式会社 / Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

京成電鉄株式会社 / Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Keisei Electric Railway is an electric railway company established in 1868, connecting Tokyo, Chiba and Ibaraki. It operates a number of convenient routes for domestic travel such as the Skyliner, connecting the heart of the city and Narita airport, and the Keisei Main Line which provides total coverage of the region!