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Susukino at night


The largest entertainment district in Hokkaido, Susukino is crowded with 5000 shops and eateries and is lit up with neons at night. There are many accommodations and it is also a center of transportation so you’ll have no trouble finding a bus or a subway, and it’s a perfect place as a base for Hokkaido tourism. Originally this Susukino was built in the late 19th century, primarily a red-light district and even now there are a number of sex shops still standing, but compared to Tokyo's red light district it is considerably safer and even women can walk alone at night without worrying.

In Susukino, you can enjoy a variety of flavors including Genghis Khan and crab dishes as well as the Ganso Sapporo Ramen Alley as well as many other "alleys" with lots of little restaraunts on them. These are usually crowded with workers on their way back home in the evening, so you can immerse yourself with the local people.

There are plenty of tourist attractions, there is the urban oasis-themed NORBESA which has a Ferris wheel on its roof, and is popular as a new attraction for Sapporo tourism.  There’s also a covered shopping arcade "Tanukikoji" near Susukino, with a variety of apparel and 100-yen shops and daily necessity shops.

If you go a bit south from Susukino there’s "Nakajima Park" which is a common resting place for citizens. There’s also "Kitara", a music-dedicated concert hall in the park where you can enjoy a concert of classical music from the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra.

As for events, every year in early August there is the Susukino Festival, at which is the Courtesan’s Journey which shows you the culture of the red light district with the portable shrine that residents carry around. Also, during winter in early February there is the Susukino Ice Festival with various ice sculptures in 60 different groups.


From the Namboku Subway’s Susukino Station (すすきの駅) or the Toho line’s Hosui-Susukino Station (豊水すすきの駅) your destination is in front of you. From the JR Sapporo station you can take a subway or bus. There are also streetcars that can take you to the Moiwa observatory from the starting "Susukino" station on the Sapporo Municipal Railway.

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Sights Susukino (すすきの)
Address 4, Minami 4 Jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Phone / Fax Phone: 011-518-2005 / Fax: 011-518-2004
Duration 2Hour(s)
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