About Japan Hoppers

Japan Hoppers launched!

Japan Hopppers is a free online Japan Travel Guide provided in 14 languages. We offer the most thorough, convenient and reliable information to travelers who visit Japan.

Japan Hoppers - Japan Travel Guide is much more than a simple tourist information site. It's a community that provides an opportunity for Japanese and tourists to communicate with each other.

We continue to add new functions to the Japan Hoppers web site one after the other, and plan on releasing a mobile application.

Please expect more great things from us in the future!

  • 14 multi-language site
  • Reliable and Latest Travel information
  • Optimized to any sized display devices
  • Covers 275 cities throughout Japan
  • Featured over 1500 sights (and is expected to increase to 5,000 sights in 14 different languages for a grand total of 70,000 entries by the end of 2015)
  • Useful interactive map
  • Get travel advice from Japanese Locals (coming soon)
  • Special travel deals for registered users (coming soon)

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