Ine-no-Funaya Houses

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What are Ine-no-Funaya Houses

Ine-no-Funaya (Boat dock houses) are private houses in Kyoto’s Yoasa-gun, Ine-cho (Ine city), Ine district, where the first floor is a boat dock or boat storage area.  Funaya houses are built at sea level  within Ine-wan (Ine Bay) and boats docked on the first floor can go directly out to sea.   Fishermen dock their boats on the first floor of these houses and also carry out boat maintenance, as well as process and dry fish in this functional area.  The second floor of the funaya are the fishermen’s residences, or sometimes used as inns.

When looking at the funaya from sea, the houses appear as though they are literally floating on water.  This sightseeing spot has been used in movies as well, and has become a nationally famous tourist destination.  Though there are currently over 200 funaya houses, the Ine-no-Funaya area is the first fishing village to be selected to be registered into Japan’s Important Preservation Disctrics for Groups of Historical Buildings.

In addition to the funaya, the Ine area has the famous Nii-no-Tanada (Terraced rice fields of Nii).  Though terraced rice fields are scattered throughout Japan, the funaya can be viewed from Nii-no-Tanada, and these rice field bathed in the morning sun, have become a popular filming location.


1 hour by Tangokairiku Kotsu (Land and sea transportation) bus from the Amanohashidate Station on the Kita-kinki Tango Railway.

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Sights Ine-no-Funaya Houses (伊根の舟屋)
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