Shirakawa, Shinbashi-dori

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About Shirakawa and Shinbashi-dori

On the north side of the Gion district in Kyoto, running alongside the Shirakawa River the old streets of the Kyoto red-light district remain quietly along Shinbashi-dori. The Gion Shinbashi Traditional Building Preservation District is sandwiched between the Shirakawa River and Shinbashi-dori, and around 150 old shops and long-established restaurants dating back between the end of the Edo era(1603–1868)and the start of the Meiji era (1868–1912). Along the Shirakawa river are cherries and willows, and it is well known as a famous spot for cherries in spring. The weeping cherries near Tatsumibashi Bridge are especially famous. The quiet old townhouses accompanied by the gently shaking willows is well-known as a classic Edo era sight. There are various Kyomachi-ya guest houses that have been remodeled in the area, so you can stay the night here and tour during the day. At the point where Shirakawa Minami-dori and Shinbashi-dori meet is the Tatsumi Daimyojin which is believed to grant divine blessings in the entertainment arts, and many geishas and maiko come here to pray.


Take the Keihan train to Gion Shijo Station (祇園四条駅) and from there it is a 3 minute walk.  You can take the city bus to Shijo-Keihan-mae (四条京阪前) and it is 3 minutes from there. On the Kyoto Municipal Subway go to Sanjo Keihan Station (三条京阪駅) and from there it is a 5 minute walk.

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Sights Shirakawa, Shinbashi-dori (白川・新橋通)
Address Motoyoshicho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture
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