Fukujuen Kyoto Flagship Store

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Fukujuen Kyoto Flagship Store

Kyoto is widely famous as a cultural city with a history of over 1000 years. Since it was near the Imperial Household, many professionals in related fields gathered here in order to improve their skills. Fukujuen was founded in 1790 and it represented the tea industry in Kyoto. With the main company in Kitsukawa-shi, the southern part of Kyoto, in Uji a factory that produces tealeaves was established. It has a main shop with six floors and one basement floor in the center of Kyoto. The brand of Fukujuen is widely known for being Kyoto's the most expensive and high quality tea.

Inside the shop

The lattice structured building changes its colors depending on illumination, and has a unique atmosphere, even though it is right at the center of Kyoto. The concept of the building is a 'paper-covered lantern', which perfectly matches Kyoto's tradition.

Here is the floor guide.

1st Teashop
2nd Japanese sweets café
3rd An elegant restaurant using Japanese tea in meals
4th Maccha (Japanese green tea) making experience in the tea ceremony room
5th Display and shop of Tea ceremony goods
6th Tea-themed events

Visitors can experience tea ceremony, enjoy dishes that use tea, and reflect upon history by having a look at the traditional tea ceremony goods. There are various ways to enjoy and relax at Fukujuen Kyoto Flagship store.


Trains: The nearest station is Shijou Station or Hankyu-Karasuma Station on the underground railway. It is ten minutes on foot from there along the shopping street in Shijou.

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Sights Fukujuen Kyoto Flagship Store (福寿園京都本店)
Address Tominokoji-kado, Shijyo-dori, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone / Fax Phone: 075-221-2920 / Fax: 075-221-2922
Duration 3Hour(s)
Business Hours Monday:10:00-19:00
Closed dates Wednesday NEW YEAR'S HOLIDAY
Corresponding Language English
Recommended Season
Spring (March - May)
Summer (June - August) Autumn (September - November) Winter (December - February)
Recommended target Family Couples Adult (ages 20+) Single traveller

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