Shoji-ji Temple

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What is Shoji-ji Temple?

Shoji-ji Temple is a Tendai sect temple located in west outskirts of Kyoto. It is believed to have been founded in the year 680, by Enno-ozuno, a witch doctor, under the royal command of Emperor Tenmu. Later, however, a monk named Saicho was named by Emperor Kanmu to rebuild the Doto (Temple and tower) and Garan (Main temple buildings), and so it was revived. As is with many ancient temples in Kyoto, Shoji-ji Temple was devastated by fire during the Onin War. Due to this, everything excluding the temple gate has been rebuilt.

There are approximately 100 cherry trees planted in the temple grounds and thus, the temple is also known as the "Temple of Flowers". The ancient cherry tree beside the Shoro (Bell tower) is named "Saigyo-zakura" after Saigyouhoshi, who became a Buddhist priest at this temple, and is believed to have planted the tree.


20 minute walk from the Minami-Kasuga-cho stop on the Hankyu Bus.

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Sights Shoji-ji Temple (勝持寺)
Address Kyoto, Saikyo-ku, Oharano Minami-Kasuga-cho 1194
Phone / Fax Phone: 075-331-0601 / Fax: 075-331-0664
Duration 30Minutes
Business Hours Monday:09:00-17:00 (Last entry by: 16:30)
Tuesday:09:00-17:00 (Last entry by: 16:30)
Wednesday:09:00-17:00 (Last entry by: 16:30)
Thursday:09:00-17:00 (Last entry by: 16:30)
Friday:09:00-17:00 (Last entry by: 16:30)
Saturday:09:00-17:00 (Last entry by: 16:30)
Sunday:09:00-17:00 (Last entry by: 16:30)
Closed dates Specific dates
Admission Fee Pay admission: 400yen
Recommended Season
Spring (March - May)
Summer (June - August) Autumn (September - November)
Recommended target Family Couples Groups Child (ages 7-17) Adult (ages 20+) Single traveller

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