Kaju-ji Temple

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What is Kaju-ji Temple

Kaju-ji Temple is the main temple of Shingonshuyamashinaha.  It was founded in the year 900, by Daigo Teno (Emperor) to mourn his mother, Taneko Fujiwara.  It was destroyed in the Onin War but reemerged in the Edo period (1603-1868) with the aid of the Tokugawa and imperial families. 

The grounds hold a Shoin (Study/book conservatory) that has been designated as a place of important cultural property, buildings such as Shinden, Godaido, main hall, and on the west side, Hyouchien Garden which is a Chisenkaiyushiki Teien, a garden centered around pond.  Kakitsubata and Hanashoubu iris, as well as Hasu lotus are planted around the pond and many birds flock to it.  Although at one point, Higashiyama and Daigo Mountains were visible from the garden, they can no longer be seen due to the construction of the Meishin Highway.  However, the landscape is slowly recovering with the planting of Mosochiku Bamboo and camellia flowers.


6 minute walk from Ono Station on the Tozai Line of the subway.

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Description: Kaju-ji Temple

Sights Kaju-ji Temple (勧修寺)
Address Kyoto, Yamashina-ku, Kanshuji Niodo-cho 27-6
Phone / Fax Phone: 075-571-0048
Duration 30Minutes
Business Hours Monday:09:00-16:00
Closed dates 7 days open
Admission Fee Pay admission: 400yen
Recommended Season
Spring (March - May)
Summer (June - August) Autumn (September - November) Winter (December - February)
Recommended target Family Couples Groups Child (ages 7-17) Adult (ages 20+) Single traveller

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