Konkai Komyo-ji Temple

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What is Konkai Komyo-ji Temple

The Konkai Komyo-ji Temple was founded in 1175. To the west is Kyotogosho (Imperial Palace) and Ogura Mountain. It is a large temple and on site, there is temple gate, Amida Hall, Main Hall and 18 sub-temples. On the vast grounds, there are many cherry blossoms and other seasonal trees, and during fall foliage, the harmony of trees and various buildings is a beautiful sight to see.

Though many temples in Kyoto are known for their cherry blossoms and fall foliage, Konkai Komyo-ji Temple is a huge attraction for people wanting to see beautiful fall foliage. In the spring and autumn, there are periods of special exhibitions and the Ekken-no-ma, Tora-no-ma, and Matsu-no-ma chambers are on display, as well as the Japanese-style Shiun-no-niwa Garden and Goen-no-michi path. In the Miei-do Hall, the famous Monjubosatsuzo and Kibikannonzo (Designated as and important cultural property) statues can also be seen.

Kyoto Tourist Spot Indispensable for History Lovers

Konkai Komyo-ji Temple is a must-see spot for history lovers. In the long history of Japan, the end of the Edo period (around 1860) is a popular time period with history buffs. The revolutionaries fought with those who were maintaining and overlooking the regime. Kyoto was the battleground of many heated conflicts and Konkai Komyo-ji Temple became the headquarters of security during that time.

Armed groups of men were formed for security maintenance. They were called Shinsengumi and have been the subject of many dramas and movies, gaining many fans amongst Japanese people. Konkai Komyo-ji Temple is the birthplace of the Shinsengumi. This may not be of interest to everyone, but it is interesting to keep in mind as it may give you a different impression of the quiet and tranquil temple.


From the JR Kyoto Station, take the city bus #100. At the Hankyu Kyoto Line’s Kawaramachi Station or Hankyu’s Karasuma Station, take city bus #32 or #203. 10 minute walk from the "Okazakimichi" stop on the various bus lines.

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Sights Konkai Komyo-ji Temple (金戒光明寺)
Address 121 Kurodani-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone / Fax Phone: 075-771-2204
Duration 40Minutes
Recommended Season
Spring (March - May)
Autumn (September - November)
Recommended target Couples Adult (ages 20+) Single traveller

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