Shinnyo-do Temple (Shinsho Gokuraku-ji Temple)

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What is Shinnyo-do Temple (Shinsho Gokuraku-ji Temple)

Shinnyo-do Temple is popular for its beautiful autumn leaves, and the ordinarily quiet temple is bustling with people during fall foliage.

そThe coming of autumn can be seen on the main tree next to the well in front of the main hall. It is called "Tree of Flowers". It is also referred to as "Flower maple" and only 500 trees of its kind in Japan. It is designated as a natural monument. The autumn leaves turn red from the top of the tree down. There is a period from early November to mid-November when the top of the tree is red, the middle is yellow and the bottom is green. It is a beautiful sight to see.

Later, from late November to early December, it is Shinnyo-do’s fall foliage season. Red and orange momiji maple and kaede maple, as well as yellow ginkgo, beautifully accent the main hall and temple tower.

During the spring and summer months, the over 70 cherry trees, Pieris japonica, wisteria, azalea, Kerria japonica and other plants color the temple.

The temple was built in the year 984 and holds a lot of history. The official name of the temple is Shinsho Gokuraku-ji Temple and means "Temple of genuine paradise". During its existence, it has been destroyed by war and fire many times. The current main hall was rebuilt from 1693-1717. The gold leaf dome, main hall, library and garden require an admission fee but besides the busy fall foliage season, a temple staff member can show people around the facility to explain the rich history of the temple.


At JR Kyoto Station or Hankyu’s Kawaramachi Station, board the Kyoto city bus #5 or #17. Get off at the "Shinnyo-do-mae" stop. The temple is an 8 minute walk from the bus stop. At Sanjukeihan Station, board the Kyoto city bus #5, or from the subway’s Marutamachi Station, board Kyoto city bus #93 or #204. Get off at the "Shinnyo-do-mae" stop.

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Sights Shinnyo-do Temple (Shinsho Gokuraku-ji Temple) (真如堂(真正極楽寺))
Address 82 Shinnyo-cho, Jyodoji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone / Fax Phone: 075-771-0915 / Fax: 075-771-1823
Duration 40Minutes
Business Hours Monday:09:00-16:00 (Last entry by: 15:45)
Tuesday:09:00-16:00 (Last entry by: 15:45)
Wednesday:09:00-16:00 (Last entry by: 15:45)
Thursday:09:00-16:00 (Last entry by: 15:45)
Friday:09:00-16:00 (Last entry by: 15:45)
Saturday:09:00-16:00 (Last entry by: 15:45)
Sunday:09:00-16:00 (Last entry by: 15:45)
Admission Fee Pay admission: 500yen
Recommended Season Autumn (September - November)
Recommended target Adult (ages 20+) Single traveller

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