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About the Cherry Blossom trees at Kaizu-Osaki

Kaizu-Osaki is located in southeast Shiga Prefecture, Takashima, in an area well-worn by wave erosion. The scenery of the cliffs against the blue waters of Lake Biwa is unusual scenery and is said to represent the wild nature of the northern part of the lake. These highly rough and "masculine" rocks are counted as one of the 8 sights of Lake Biwa. There are also various rocks called "Hachijo-jiki" sticking out of the waters of Biwa, and even "Tengu-iwa", a rock shaped like a tengu's nose. In addition, from Kaizu-Osaki you can yet another one of Biwa's 8 Sights, the Shinryoku Chikubushima-no-chinei. Chikubushima is said to be an island where a god dwells, and is known as a power spot. Seeing the jagged reef with Chikubushima floating on the other side is a magnificent sight with a mysterious atmosphere.

You absolutely want to come to see Kaizu-Osaki during the cherry blossom season. It is one of the top destinations to see Japanese cherries, and was selected as one of the best 100 sakura attractions in Japan. To celebrate the completion of the Ozaki tunnel in June of 1936, the Umezu village (now Makino) planted cherry tries. They planted almost 800 lines of cherry trees almost 4.2km along the lake shore. These flowers bloom every year creating a "cherry tunnel", and many tourists come to visit and see the tunnel. You can comfortably drive along and see the cherries, but if you want to savor them, it's a good idea to go on foot. A nature trail has been established from the east entrance of Kaizu (Omi Minobe-no-michi), and so you can enjoy it on foot or by bicycle. It's recommended you view Lake Biwa from there as well. You can fully savor the deep blue-green lake against the mountains with the cherry trees contrasting. During the cherry blossom season you can also go out on the lake in houseboats or pleasure boats. Rates and reservation details vary by boat and should be checked in advance.


By public transit, take the JR Kosei Line to Makino Station (マキノ駅). From the station you can walk 30 minutes, or drive about 5 minutes in a car. If you use the Makino Kogen line bus, you can get off at the Kaizu Osaki entrance and from there walk 5 minutes. (海津大崎口)

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Sights Kaizu-Osaki (海津大崎)
Address Makinocho Kaizu, Takashima, Shiga Prefecture 520-1811
Phone / Fax Phone: 0740-33-7101 / Fax: 0740-33-7105
Duration 2Hour(s)
Recommended Season
Spring (March - May)
Summer (June - August) Autumn (September - November)
Recommended target Family Couples Groups Child (ages 7-17) Adult (ages 20+) Single traveller

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