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What is Heijo-kyu historical sites?

Heijo-kyu in Nara Prefecture is the historical site where the Heijo Palace imperial residence once stood 1300 years ago in the capital city of Heijo-kyo.  The Heijo Palace was the residence of the former emperor and the site where authorities conducted official duties.  The site is very large (120ha) and has 12 entrance gates which tell its massiveness.  In 1998, the Heijo-kyu historical site was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as one of Nara Prefecture’s cultural heritages.  This was Japan’s first registration of archeological ruins and currently, restoration of the building is being performed by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.  The restoration of Suzaku-mon Gate was completed in 1998 and the restoration of Dai-ichiji Daikokuden building was completed in 2010.  Suzaku-mon is the main gate of Heijo Palace and was the where foreign envoys were met, as well as where the emperor was said to appear for New Year’s celebrations.  The Dai-ichiji Daikokuden palace building stands 800 meters north of the Suzuku-mon Gate and is 44 meters in length, 20 meters in depth and his 27 meters in height.  This was the largest palace building in Heijo-kyo and has 44 vermilion pillars of 70cm in diameter each, and 97,000 roof tiles.  It was used in important national rituals, coronation of the emperor and meeting of foreign envoys.

The area is open from 9:00AM to 4:30PM and last entrance is 4:00PM.  Entrance is free but the entrance to the Heijo-kyo Historical Museum is 500 yen for adults, 250 yen for high school and college students, and 200 yen for elementary and middle school students.


By public transportation:  10 minute walk from the Yamatosai-daiji Station on the Kinki Japan Railway. 

By car:  The closest interchange is the "Kizu IC" interchange on the Keinawa Motorway.  Please be aware that the roads as well as the parking lot become very congested during Golden Week in May and during the Shoso-in Exhibition in November.

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Sights Heijo-kyu historical sites (平城宮跡)
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