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Dotonbori where you can enjoy the irrepressible Osaka feeling

Dotonbori is an area containing the Dotonbori River in the city of Osaka. Generally speaking, Dotonbori means the downtown area from Nipponbashi to Daikokubashi along Dotonbori-dori street of the south side of the Dotonbori River. Many restaurants and shops are gathered here, especially the Glico Neon Sign, Kanidoraku, and Tsuboraya which are famous for their characteristic neon signage or building illumination. Water quality of Dotonbori River is poor, and not suitable for swimming. The water looks cloudy and not a clean at all. However, a promenade called the "Tombori River Walk" is available between Nipponbashi and Ukiniwabashi, and you can take Tombori River Cruise to enjoy the downtown scene from a boat.

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Dotonbori, with its many restaurants, is famous as a town of Kuidaore (meaning extravagance by food). The Dotonbori district has so many different foods: takoyaki, yakisoba, yakiniku (Korean barbeque), ramen, sushi, etc. In addition to restaurants, there are entertainment facilities such as: karaoke centers, saunas, fish ponds, stores for Osaka souvenirs, comic performances or comic acts, yose (entertainment hall for rakugo—comic storytelling, magic, etc.), theater for kabuki, etc., and gallery where you can appreciate ukiyo-e, paintings, or pottery & ceramic art. Also, you can enjoy this area untill late at night as there are Japanese-style bars and clubs as well. However, be careful as touts will be near those places to solicit late at night. Occasionally the area is light up for Dotonborigawa Mantousai (Dotonbori River Lantern Festival) or for an Art Event called "Tomborisshoi."


Roads and streets around Dotonbori are narrow and chaotic, so it is best to use public transportation to visit here. Many stations are close to Dotonbori: Namba station of the Midosuji line, the Yotsubashi and Sennichimae lines of the Osaka City Subway, or the Kintetsu Railway, and Nipponbashi station of the Sennichimae or Sakaisuji lines of the Osaka City Subway.

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Sights Dotonbori (道頓堀)
Address Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
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Duration 30Minutes
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