Kishiwada Castle

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What is Kishiwada Castle?

Kishiwada Castle is located in Osaka. Kishiwadako Castle was builtaround 1334 roughly 500 meters east from the area where the current Castle stands, there you can see ruins of the old castle. It is said that later Yasuyoshi Shinano moved the castle to the current location. A lighting strike burnt down the main tower of the castle in 1827. Facilities of the castle including gates and towers were destroyed during the Meiji Restoration from the end of the Edo era (1853-1868) to the Meiji era (1868-1912). Therefore, the moat and rock walls are the only architectural parts of the castle remaining the way they used to be. The original main keep had five stories but the current 1954 reconstruction only has a three-storied mock dungeon. According to pictorial diagrams, the original tower had five floors.

Hachijin-no-Niwa Garden

The Hachijin-no-Niwa garden is one of the must-see spots of Kishiwada Castle. Mirei Shigemori, a quintessential garden designer and researcher of the Showa era (1926-1989) in Japan, designed and created the garden. It is a Japanese garden composed entirely of rocks and sand, which visualizes the eight battle formations created by Zhu-ge Liang, a hero of the Chinese San-guo-zhi (Three Kingdoms). Centering around taisho-jin (formation of a general) in the garden, are placed ten (sky), chi (land), kaze (winds), kumo (clouds), tatsu (dragon), tora (tiger), tori (bird), hebi (snake) formations. You can enjoy the garden from any angle.


The nearest station to Kishiwada Castle is Takojizo station of the Nankai Line of the Nankai Electric Railway. You can also drive there since the castle has a paid parking lot on the grounds.

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Sights Kishiwada Castle (岸和田城)
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