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Chiba West Coast is a region located in the western part of Chiba prefecture.  It includes the cities of Ichihara, Kimitsu, and Kisaradzu. 

Popular places for sightseeing are “Ichihara Elephant Kingdom,” which raises the most elephants in Japan, and Mount Nokogiri, or “saw mountain,” a steep cliff which looks like a saw.  You can ride the Mount Nokogiri Ropeway near the summit of Mount Nokogiri so it is easy to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Moreover, from the summit, it is only about a 5 minute walk to a temple called Nokogiri-yama Nihon-ji Temple, with a powerful 30 meter stone statue masterpiece. In spring, we also recommend riding the Kominato Railroad and looking at the field of nanohana (rape blossoms) which look like a big yellow carpet.

You can get around this region by car or train.  It is possible to reach each spot by train but a car is convenient for sightseeing trips.  It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to this region by car from Tokyo.  

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