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Nasu/ Shiobara is an area located in the northeastern part of Tochigi prefecture. This region includes the cities of Nasushiobara, Otawara, Nasukarasuyama, and the town of Nasu.  The area has rich nature and is also known for having the imperial family’s villa.

Sightseeing spots are the Nasu Kogen (highlands) where you can enjoy nature in all four seasons and the Shiobara Hot Springs, with over 1200 years of history.  The Shiobara Hot Springs have been visited by important Japanese cultural figures like the writers Natsume Soseki, Tanizaki Junichiro, and Saito Mokichi. 

For children we recommend the Nasu Animal Kingdom.  Situated on about 43 hectares of land, Nasu Animal Kingdom is a zoo which is home to 600 animals, with 150 species.  There are various kinds of exhibitions and opportunities for contact with the animals, contributing to the theme of coexistence. 

It is convenient to have a car for getting around this area.  At the heart of this region is the city of Nasushiobara and the closest railway station is Nasushiobara Station.  From major cities you can get here by bullet train or express bus.  From Tokyo Station to Nasushiobara Station, it takes about 75 minutes by bullet train.  

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