Saitama Travel Guide

Saitama is a region located in the eastern part of Saitama prefecture.  This region includes the cities of Saitama, Kumagaya, and Koshigaya.  

For sightseeing in Saitama, there is Hikawa Shrine which is the headquarters of all Hikawa Shrines in Japan.  Hikawa Shrine is situated on a vast site with attractive features such as a 2 km keyaki (Japanese elm) lined approach. Other popular spots include the Railway Museum. The museum features real vehicles and introduces the history of Japan's railway and railway lovers won’t be able to get enough of it. For railroad rides, we also recommend the steam locomotive "SL Pareo Express" which runs between Kumagaya Station and Mitsumineguchi Station.

You can get around this region by train or car.  From major cities, it is easy to take bullet or conventional trains to the centrally located Omiya Station.  From Tokyo Station, it takes about 30 minutes by conventional train.

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