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Shonan is a region located in the southern part of Kanagawa prefecture.  Most of the land is on Sagami Bay and it includes the cities of Miura, Fujisawa, and Chigasaki. 

As tourist attractions, there are many spots related to the sea such as Enoshima, Enoshima Aquarium, Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park and so on. Many people enjoy water sports such as surfing on the beach in Shonan, and in the summer it is lined with outdoor food stalls called umi no ie (sea house) and crowded with people. We also recommend unique spots in the Shonan area like Enoshima Electric Railway that runs along the sea and the Miura City Misaki Seafood Regional Wholesale Market where you can taste fresh fish.

This region is most easily accessible by train.  Please take the Enoshima Railway, JR or Keikyu lines.  

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