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A Street for Shopping Where Leading Shops Gather

The Ginza district in Tokyo is a city for "grown ups" where elegant state-of-the-art trends and long-established tradition are woven together.  With department stores such as Mitsukoshi, Matsuya and Matsuzakaya, malls such as Printemps Ginza, Lumine Yurakucho, and top world class brands, and flagship stores of long-established brands, it has become a world famous street for shopping.  On holidays, vehicles are prohibited on the main street and it is filled with shoppers walking freely down the road.

The Ginza district also has top Japanese restaurants as well as Michelin rated restaurants, the Tsukiji sushi restaurant, and many other famous gourmet dining spots.  You can enjoy fine dining with attentive hospitality.

Ginza is also the city of culture and entertainment.  Located in the district are, Teikoku Gekijyou (Imperial Theater), Kabukiza Theater, numerous and famous art galleries, and stationary shops.  Kabukiza Theater, in particular, is specifically for kabuki (Traditional Japanese theater) and is the renowned theater representing Japan.  Shops and art galleries are established nearby and visitors can easily access the traditional world of kabuki.


By train, the nearest stations are: Yurakucho Station on the JR East Yamanote Line, or Keihin Tohoku Line.  Yurakucho Station, Ginza Itchome Station, Ginza Station, Hibiya Station, Higashi Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metropolitan subway lines.  By car, the "Nishi Ginza JCT" is the nearest interchange on the Tokyo Highway.

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Sights Ginza (銀座)
Address Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Ginza
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Duration 3Hour(s)
Recommended Season
Spring (March - May)
Summer (June - August) Autumn (September - November) Winter (December - February)
Recommended target Couples Adult (ages 20+) Single traveller

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