Togu Palace

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Where guests are entertained

Togu Palace is the crown prince's residence and is located in the Akasaka Goyouchi region. Also located in this area are the Akishino Mansion, the Mikasa Kyutei, Takamodo House, and the state guest house Akasaka Rikyu. The guest house was used to entertain guests via garden parties at certain corners. The guest house was originally built as the imperial palace for the crown prince, a beautiful Western-style building in a neo-baroque style with richly decorated outer walls of granite. But the appearance was not quite good enough to serve as the crown prince's palace and its usability was not great, so it ended up being used as an imperial villa. In 1967 the government began allowing foreign countries' dignitaries to stay here, and the facility was also repaired. It is sometimes called the "old Crown Prince's palace." Generally the public may not enter the Akasaka Goyouchi but once per year people who win a lottery may come to visit for free. The rooms available are the Sairan-no-Ma, the Kacho-no-Ma, the Asahi-no-Ma, the Hagoromo-no-Ma, central staircase, and 2nd floor hall. On the right and left sides of the central staircase's walls is French marble, and 8 large golden candlesticks are located here as well. The floor is Italian marble with a red carpet on it, and its luxurious appearance welcomes you as a guest. Tour application details will be announced on the Cabinet Office's website in mid/late May. During November the garden of the guest house is open to the public. The garden in the center has gravel over its surface and has a fountain pond as well as flower beds. The front entrance can be seen decorated with chrysanthemum emblems representing the Japanese imperial family, and you can feel the luxury of the State Guest House here. No application is needed for the garden visit. It is 10:00-16:00 for the general public, and admission is available until 15:30. Please confirm the date details on the Cabinet Office's website.


By train, the JR Chuo's line or Sobu line's Yotsuya Stations (四ツ谷駅) the nearest. By subway, the Tokyo Metro Namboku Yotsuya Station on the Marunouchi line is the closest. By car, take the Capital Shinjuku No. 4 Route and get off at the Gaien IC (外苑IC). There is no parking available, so you must use nearby pay parking.

Description: Togu Palace

Sights Togu Palace (東宮御所)
Address 2-1 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone / Fax Phone: 03-3478-1111
Duration 2Hour(s)
Recommended Season Autumn (September - November)
Recommended target Family Couples Groups Adult (ages 20+) Single traveller

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