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In the year 1853 the shogunate felt the threat of the black ships and so they built a western-style sea battery for defense. Odaiba was an area reclaimed in order to create this battery. In the end, Odaiba did not even fire one shot in defense, and is now open to the public. After that the government sold Odaiba and now it's a tourist area in Tokyo with entertainment and shopping, gourmet food, as well as high popularity among tourists.

Odaiba tourist attractions

There's plenty to see in Odaiba for tourists. At the Japan Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation you can enjoy a variety of permanent exhibits. The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation's "Geo Cosmos", has an exhibition born from the mind of director Mamoru Mohri's wish to share the appearance of Earth from space, it is an extremely realistic high resolution view of Earth in over 10 million pixels. Then there's the Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo, a family-oriented area where you can enjoy lots of attractions with Lego blocks. At the Odaiba Seaside Park there's also a replica of America's Statue of Liberty. There is also "Palette Town", in which there is a large shopping mall Venus Fort modeled after 18th century streets, as well as the hands-on car theme park MEGA WEB, and the indoor amusement park "Tokyo Leisure Land" that you can enjoy throughout the day. There's also the Diversity Tokyo Plaza where you can see a real-life sized Gundam (giant robot), the Decks Tokyo Beach is a shopping mall designed to replicate the nostalgia of an old shopping district from the olden days of Japan, as well as the Takoyaki Museum. There's also Madam Tussaud's Tokyo, where life size figurines of Hollywood stars and athletes from around the world also join popular personalities and celebrities in Japan, and there are no partitions so you can pose with the figurines. There's also the Oedo-Onsen-Monogatari where you can enjoy 14 different types of Japanese bath from a water source 1400m underground!

Odaiba traffic

Various water buses in Tokyo go to Odaiba. There are normal buses, as well as "Captain Harlock" and "Galaxy Express 999" ones with designs based on famous Japanese manga series, which offer a memorable experience just riding them. Navigating through Odaiba itself is a convenient monorail you can take that goes through the entirety of Odaiba and you can quickly move between areas.


In addition to the above mentioned ways to get there, there's also the Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit, as well as the Toei bus, Keihin Express bus, KM sightseeing bus, and you can also see the sights of Odaiba in the Tokyo Bay shuttle. You can use Route 11 if you're going by car, and you will also pass the scenic Rainbow Bridge using this route.  

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Sights Odaiba (お台場)
Address Daiba, Minato, Tokyo
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