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Shidome is a district in Minato, in Tokyo. It has undergone a huge transformation and redevelopment around the Shidome Japan National Railways cargo station site and has attracted lots of attention as a new tourist site in Tokyo. The word Shiodome actually refers to a city complex in the area, but it is also used to refer to this area as well, called the Sio-Site.

Shiodome and the Sio-Site

The Sio-Site is a huge complex in which around 60,000 urban workers work, the city is divided into Districts 1 through 5, in District 1 there are high rise buildings of large companies such as Dentsu and Panasonic, as well as NTV. The Caretta Shiodome is inside of the Dentsu building and houses a variety of things such as a theater troupe, and the Tokyo Advertising Museum. If you go into the NTV building they are often actively holding target television viewer audience events, which you can enjoy freely. In District 2 are many hotels such as Conrad Tokyo, Hotel Villa Fontaine Shiodome, and the Park Hotel Tokyo. District 3 contains many high rise apartments, and there is an Italy Park donated from Italy to Japan as proof of friendship. In District 4 you will find more high ride buildings and condos, and finally in District 5 you will find more Italian themes as it has become an "Italy Town", with Italian streets and squares as well as walking paths. There are many restaraunts and shopping places to choose from, with various-themed restaraunts such as Japanese, Western, Chinese, ethnic, and cafes. There is a plethora of things on sale from daily necessities to luxury goods. There are also hospitals and life-service areas so even if you have an emergency you can deal with it fast. The stores are mostly concentrated in Districts 1, 2, 4, and 5 (3 is mostly just apartments).


Coming by public transport it's a 2-minute walk from the JR East line's Hamamatsucho Station. (浜松町駅). Coming by car, the nearest exchange on the Metropolitan Expressway's Kanjo 2 Line (首都高速感情2号)is the Shiodome IC (汐留IC). A large amount of parking is provided in the Shiodome Sio-Site's underground.

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